Energy Healing

What is Zenna Healing?

To put it simply, Zenna Healing is a complete healing system that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in an excellent way.

Once you learn Zenna Healing, the only thing you need to keep doing for a better health are physical exercise, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle.

​Stress management is not gonna be important to you anymore since your emotional stress would be at a very low level to give you any stress.

How It All Began…

I met Les Rolton in 2007, and that was my first experience in Zenna Healing. He taught me the two workshops of this healing modality (Zenna Healing I & II), and it was a very exciting time for me because I hadn’t known anything about energy or spiritual healing before that.

In 2008, I took Zenna Healing IV by Brian Cattermole, and that was a completely new story because it was about emotional release rather than about spiritual energies. However, it was the most healing thing I have ever experience. Therefore, I felt that I want to dedicate my life to spread this type of healing.

Eight Years Later…

Today, I am publishing this website calling it Zenna Healing. Unfortunately, I have noticed that Zenna Healing has become much less popular these days, probably because no one other than me is still offering it.

The two sides of Zenna Healing

To put it simply, energy healing is composed of two parts:

1- Getting help from the spirit world (from God) in the form of spiritual energies, guidance, and so on.

2- Clearing up your deep seated emotional baggage such hate, resentment, grudges, disbelief, distrust, etc. and therefore transforming your attitude to a much higher level.

Applying this understand to Zenna Healing, I have divide it into two parts:

Zenna Healing I – is about learning how to connect to the spirit world and get the spiritual energetic support you need to heal.

Zenna Healing II – is about learning how to clear up your emotions and transforming your attitude to a higher level of love, calmness, and peace.

These are the two sides of the same healing process. These two sides complete each other, and none of them can be very effective when used alone.


2 thoughts on “What is Zenna Healing?

  1. This is all very well if you are only working on yourself, if you use it just for emotional issues you may as well just use Reiki. I am a Zenna Healer and have been working with the public since 2005, I too learnt from Les Rolston and Brian Cattermole and treat all kinds of ailments from ingrown toenails to brain tumours and cancer, to say that Zenna is only about emotional problems and clearing of self is to disrespect the power of this wonderful and powerful energy. I thank you for using Zenna Healing to help others, you are right, not many of us who have learnt this technique are using it to help others, and the Universe needs us to stand up and use what wonderful gift we have been given.


  2. Hi Sir,
    I am undergoing a rough patch in married life where my husband has cheated and married with mercenary intentions .I have 9 months old baby too. My husband doesn’t have any intention to lead a peaceful life and has been mentally torturing me. He has asked me to free him legally and he doesn’t want the kid too. I too don’t feel like being with him anymore. I only want my baby to be with me. He never talks to me. Can u help me or give me insight on why is his happening or what would the future be?


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