Crohn’s Disease

“Crohn’s requires me to accommodate its bullying nature. When it screams and yells via its painful bowel expressions or bleeding, I need to pay attention and accommodate it while doing my best to help it heal.” – James Patterson

Crohn’s disease is a debilitating ulceration of the intestines. The symptoms are very similar to those of common IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). These may include; Pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea after a meal, and sometimes even blood in the stool. The treatment is to remove sections of the intestine. This has left many people with horrible results. Surgery should be the very last resort – only if diet and medication isn’t working.

“Unfortunately, surgery does not cure Crohn’s disease and it also is not always effective in preventing flare-ups of the disease. It can recur in other portions of the gastrointestinal system, or even in the areas immediately around where the surgery took place.” – HealthLine

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