Healing Peptic Ulcer using Zenna Healing



Doing Zenna Healing on yourself on a regular basis can help you alleviate your peptic ulcer pain and sets you on track to get healed totally (by changing your lifestyle and taking all the necessary health measures). Here is how you can do a 30 min healing session on yourself:

A- Lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable. Keep your hands wide open, relaxed, and preferably with your palms facing down. Your hands are important because through them the spiritual healing energies radiate.

B- Invite your spirit healer to heal you. Say: “I invite my Zenna Spirit Healer to heal my peptic ulcer. I promise to keep my body absolutely still for the next 30 minutes. I am ready!”

C- Relax your body and try to notice the energies. You might notice some tension and irritation in your jaw and around your throat. This is because your emotional baggage (especially anger) needs to be screamed or yelled out.

​You might also need to thump some pillows for a few minutes as vigorously as you can in order to let off some steam. It would be very healing if you do the screaming, yelling, and pillow thumping all together once you finish your 30 minute session.

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