Irritable Bowel Syndrome – A Spastic Colon


“I have been dealing with IBS for almost 5 years now. My body became used to the pain. It starts to tolerate it, and I got used to knowing where the bathrooms are everywhere I go. ” – IBS Patient

“My husband has horrible explosive bowels and it’s driving him nuts. He has mentioned it to his Dr. but he doesn’t seem to take it seriously, and it has gotten really worse in the last couple of years. From the time he has the sensation that he needs to use the toilet he is not able to get 10 feet. This is so upsetting to him and makes his life hard – especially work. He’s a truck driver and bathrooms are not always just down the hall.” – Yahoo Questioner

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

IBS usually causes pain in the intestinal tract and causes episodes of diarrhea and constipations. Some only causes diarrhea. It causes painful gas, which can be felt in the back, stomach and pelvis and can make you feel very bloated.

Doctors do not know exactly what causes irritable bowel syndrome. In IBS, the movement of the digestive tract does not work as it should, but there is no sign of changes in the intestines, such as inflammation or tumors.

​Doctors think that IBS symptoms are related to problems with the signals sent between the brain and the intestines. This causes problems with the way the muscles of the intestines move.


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