Peptic Ulcer – Stomach Ulcer

3d rendered illustration - painful stomach

“It starts like bad indigestion, a burning feeling, and you can feel sick after eating hot or spicy foods. I had an endoscope 3 yrs ago for stomach ulcer. I got some tablets from the doctor. I forget what they were called! but smaller ulcers are more likely to heal on their own accord if you are given the right medication and make positive changes in diet.” – Ulcer Patient

“I had the beginnings of a stomach ulcer but I caught it in time luckily. You can get them from taking medicine without eating because the acid burns away your stomach lining.” – Jelly

What is Peptic Ulcer?

A peptic ulcer is a lesion that forms in the lining of the digestive tract where acid and pepsin are present. “Peptic” means the problem is a result of digestive acids (hydrochloric acid and pepsin), and “ulcer” means an open sore.

There are three types of peptic ulcers:

  • Gastric Ulcer: develops inside the stomach.
  • Esophageal Ulcer: develops inside the esophagus.
  • Duodenal Ulcer: develops in the duodenum.

Signs of Stomach Ulcer

Ulcers on your stomach would cause excruciating burning pain, making it impossible to walk, move, or even get out of the fetal position.

This burning sensation is the result of stomach acid irritating the ulcerated portion of your stomach (gastric ulcer) or initial portion of the small intestine (duodenal ulcer).

​You would also be nauseous, and there would be blood in your stool. Dark, black or red stool indicates blood in the stool – think of the color of a scab.

The stomach pain is often interpreted as heartburn, indigestion or hunger. The pain usually occurs in the upper abdomen, but sometimes it may occur below the breastbone.

Since stomach acid causes the irritation, most people experience their peak peptic ulcer symptoms on an empty stomach. In particular this occurs at night towards the morning hours as this is when you are most likely to have no food in your stomach.

Ulcer pain can be relieved by drinking milk, eating, resting, or taking antacids

People with duodenal ulcers may experience weight gain because they eat more to ease discomfort while people with gastric ulcer may lose weight.

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