According to the Breathe It In Salt Room website, Halotherapy (salt therapy) can have a positive effect on the blood microcirculation of the skin. It can revitalize the skin by increasing skin turgor, stimulating growth and improving hair health.

Halotherapy can also remove toxins and impurities from your skin that can worsen psoriasis. Skin disorders like psoriasis are often caused by exposure to allergens which triggers the disease.

The effects of inhaled salt particles on the respiratory tract decrease bacteria and improve bronchial drainage. As the salt is inhaled, it travels through the sinuses and respiratory tract absorbing moisture, cleansing toxins, clearing mucus, killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Studies have shown that treatment in a salt room is effective in relieving a variety of respiratory illnesses, including:
-Sinus infections, sinusitis
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Whooping cough
-Helping repair lungs after quit smoking

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