Healing Suicidal Thoughts!



Doing Zenna Healing on yourself can connect you to the spirit world and give you an insight of why you need to live and why you need to keep going. Here is how you can do a 30 min session for your suicidal thoughts:

A- Lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable. Keep your hands wide open, relaxed, and preferably with your palms facing down. Your hands are important because through them the spiritual healing energies radiate.

B- Invite your spirit healer to heal you. Say: “I invite my Zenna Spirit Healer to download on my brain my life’s purpose. I promise to keep my body absolutely still for the next 30 minutes. I am ready!”

C- Relax your body and try to notice the energies. You might notice a feeling of being upset and unloved – a sad feeling. But slowly and gradually, you would start having a more blissful feeling, and you might pretty much remember the happiest moments of your life when you felt loved and not needing to do anything to be loved.

After you finish the healing session, and when you go to sleep at the same night, notice your dreams. You are likely to get the most important dreams of your life because your spirit guides are going to visit you in your dreams. Your spirit guide would come in your dream as a teacher and he/she would definitely tell you how much you need to learn in this life and not to give up.

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