Healing Anorexia

Try Zenna Healing for Anorexia9880852

Doing Zenna Healing on yourself can set you on track to recovery from Anorexia. Here is how you can do a 30 min session for your anorexia:

A- Lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable. Keep your hands wide open, relaxed, and preferably with your palms facing down. Your hands are important because through them the spiritual healing energies radiate.

B- Invite your spirit healer to heal you. Say: “I invite my Zenna Spirit Healer to heal my anorexia. I promise to keep my body absolutely still for the next 30 minutes. I am ready!”

C- Relax your body and try to notice the energies. You might notice a bit of headache or head pressure, especially on your forehead. This is in fact a good thing because it means that the spirits are working on your brain, trying to free you from the compulsions and fears of your body image.

Anorexia and Emotions

In my view, anorexia is basically an emotional problem related to the fear of being unloved. You feel rejected at some point in your childhood, and you hold a lot of suppressed emotions directly after that rejection happened.

These emotions in your system would make you afraid to gain weight because you fear you won’t be loved if you gain weight.


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