My Personal View Of Bipolar

​​In my view, bipolar disorder is a long-term accumulation of many types of negative emotions (such as resentment, grief, and low self-esteem) in your system, over many years or decades. These emotions accumulates mainly in your gut, or the solar plexus chakra, which is your energy center of self-power, authority, and confidence.

Your feeling of self-power gets affected by your circumstances. When your circumstances are very bad, you don’t have money, and so on, you just can’t help feeling depressed because of all the accumulation of these negative emotions in your gut. When your situation gets better, you feel strong, and you automatically start compensating for feeling weak by being manic.

Bipolar disoder is a serious condition, and the way to clear depression is NOT by using drugs to suppress it, but by learning to express your deep emotions and channel them out of your system. Contact me if you want me to teach you how you can do that.


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