Zenna Healing For Bipolar Disorder

No amount of natural healing (or drugs and medications) can heal your bipolar disorder unless you learn how to get your emotional baggage out of your system. This is NOT an easy task that you can do overnight. It can take years to learn it, but it is well worth it.

Doing Zenna Healing on yourself can set you on track to recovery from bipolar. Here is how you can do a 30 min session on yourself especially when you feel really down or suicidal:

A- Lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable. Keep your hands wide open, relaxed, and preferably with your palms facing down. Your hands are important because through them the spiritual healing energies radiate.

B- Invite your spirit healer to heal you. Say: “I invite my Zenna Spirit Healer to heal my mind. I promise to keep my body absolutely still for the next 30 minutes. I am ready!”

C- Relax your body and try to notice the energies. You might notice that you are falling into a nice deep trance and it might be a very blissful experience since the spirit world is helping you get through your depression by giving you some of their love.

Keep in mind that bipolar is just a temporary stage of your live. It is an important stage since it will give you enough inner power to become a better person – balanced in your feeling of self-power.


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