Did You Know that about MS?

Did You Know?

Without proper therapy, about one-third of those diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS will be using a wheelchair at 20 years.

The natural course of MS is highly variable, and it is impossible to predict the nature, severity or timing of progression in a given patient.

Many individuals think of MS as being physically disabling disorder, but most MS patients also suffer from cognitive and emotional dysfunction. 

MS and Depression

Depression is very common in patients wit MS. In fact, symptoms of depression severe enough to require medical intervention affect up to at least half of all individuals with MS at some point during the illness. There are many reasons MS patients get depression:

  • It may be the result of a difficult situation or stress, with many patients being concerned about what might happen in the future and how the disease will progress.
  • It may also be caused by MS, which destroys the insulating myelin that surrounds nerves that transmit signals affecting mood.
  • ​It may also be a side effect of some drugs used to treat MS, such as steroids or interferon.

Triggers of MS

The most common triggers for symptoms are infections, heat, and high stress.

The Mysterious Diagnosis

You should also know that a clinical diagnosis of MS may take years.Often a physician observes a person over a period of time before reaching a diagnosis of MS. Neurologists are generally consulted and diagnostic tests such as MRIs, evoked response potential, and others may be used to help with a diagnosis.

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