Signs of MS

More than 50 symptoms are linked to MS, and each person develops symptoms differently.

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of MS. The following are some typical symptoms of MS:

  • pins & needles
  • numbness in hands & feet
  • pins in face
  • shocking sensation in my head which radiates down to my hands
  • interior vibrations- constantly (except when lying down)
  • spasms in left leg & hip
  • Significant weakness in left side
  • significant decreased feeling in left side
  • heat sensitivity
  • feeling of water on my feet and legs
  • dizziness
  • lack of coordination
  • stumbling
  • itching
  • RLS
  • uncontrolled movement/jerking
  • hand tremors
  • severe fatigue
  • bladder difficulty
  • forgetfulness
  • inability to concentrate
  • depression (because of all of this)
  • seeing black things in my vision to the sides

“My memory has taken as bad a hit from MS, perhaps worse of a hit than my body!  I used to have a wonderful memory. I could remember nearly verbatim anything I had read and if I heard something I just needed to write it down once and I could retain it.  Now, at certain times during the day I can’t even keep a thought long enough to carry on a simple conversation. It is always very frustrating and quite honestly often embarrassing as well.” – MS Patient

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