Stroke – A Suffocating Brain

“I had a couple of strokes, one left my eyesight all messed up for a year, and the other was like my right side didn’t even exist at all, and I felt super heavy and couldn’t walk for an hour . I was like eight months pregnant so it was scary.” –  A Stroke Patient

“A person having a stroke can be the last one to realize that they are fumbling with balance or words. As I was talking to my mom that morning on the phone, she said my voice sounded slurred and yet I did not realize it at the time. Obviously, I did not know that I was having a stroke.” – SHANA 

“Three-quarters of the time, even a lay-person can diagnose a stroke very easily,” says Felberg. The test to use is called the Face, Arm, Speech, Time test, or FAST. If a person is experiencing facial droop, if his or her arm or leg goes weak, if he or she has slurred or garbled speech, get that person to the emergency room as quickly as possible. “The sooner you get to the emergency room, the sooner the person is going to get better,” – Dr. Felberg

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