Story of Recovery from Stroke

I have read these line in the St.Louis Post Dispatch:

Obermeyer had an ischemic stroke, the most common type of stroke when blood supply to the brain becomes blocked. She first started having double vision. When she woke up the next day, her face drooped on one side, her left arm fell when she tried to raise it and her speech slurred.

Because Obermeyer, of St. Louis, got to the hospital quickly after the warning signs, doctors were able to give her a clot-busting drug and medication to help prevent nerve damage, she said. Though still very weak, she walked out of the hospital two days later.

She regained her strength by climbing stairs in her home, knitting scarves until one turned out even and crocheting doilies until they didn’t ruffle like a potato chip. Though she tires more easily, Obermeyer is nearly back to her pre-stroke self.

Many aren’t so lucky. At her stroke rehabilitation group, Obermeyer said she was the only one who walked in on her own and talked easily.

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