Causes of Seizures

The cause of most seizures is not known, but many seizures are a direct result of brain tumors, some head trauma, fever, or reaction to medications.

Conditions that irritate the brain—such as injuries, certain drugs, sleep deprivation, infections, fever—or that deprive the brain of oxygen or fuel—such as abnormal heart rhythms, a low level of oxygen in the blood, or a very low level of sugar in the blood—can trigger a single seizure whether a person has a seizure disorder or not.

Some people and certain belief systems regard seizures as a result of demonic activity. In my spiritual view and knowledge, I don’t that there is any demonic activities causing seizures. From my point of view, the spirit world is peaceful and there are no demons out there.

“Where I live there is a large immigrant community for the Pacific Islands, mostly Tonga and Samoa. They are nearly all very religious and the church plays a major role in their lives. Nothing wrong with that of course, but unfortunately epilepsy still seems to be the work of the devil/possession by a lot of the reverends and the older members of the community.” – Kay

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