Migraine and Internalizing Emotions

I consider my biggest wisdom in life is that I have discover how internalizing anger (and other emotions) is so harmful for the body and how it is related to most of our health problems. I understand now that anger needs to be vented in some ways for the body to be able to relax, and also for the mind to be able to calm down.

Here are some quotes from a migraine sufferer who has found some relief when she learned NOT to internalize her anger and frustration.

​”I used to not vent about my migraines at all. For some reason, growing up, I decided to held the Spartan ideal of not showing any pian the best. I was so in awe of the story of the Boy and the Fox, of the little sick boy in The 12th Easter Bunny, who never cried or complained and thus got a beautiful Easter egg. So I held everything inside. I didn’t cry, and I just internalized all my pain.

Then I started getting sicker. Cracks started appearing in my shield, and finally, I had a HUGE meltdown. It was ugly, but I came out a different kind of sufferer. I know that that sounds really odd, but it’s true. I no longer fight the idea of having a migraine. I haven’t “given in”. Instead, I accept it as as given, and now work on figuring out how to deal with the fact of pain in my life.

There’s a huge difference between giving up and acceptance. I didn’t understand that before, but now I’m very much aware of it, and try to accept my migraine pain, while not getting overwhelmed with the enormity of it.

​I still need to vent on occasion. I’ll cry, a good, cathartic cry until I get the frustration out. Sometimes I’ll go put on one of my fedoras, set a timer, and have a pity party for 15 minutes. But as soon as that timer rings, I try my best to accept what is, and move on with my life.” – There Be Migraine Here

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