A Real-Life Story of Heart Failure

The first signs of trouble for Phyllis, who was 57 at the time, were repeated bouts of common chest cold and cough. After numerous trips to the doctor without her health improving, she was referred for an appointment with a respiratory specialist at the hospital.
She was admitted to hospital but there were no indications she was having heart trouble. The medical staff thought she could have had a tumor, although the tests and scans came back negative.
They had one more scan to carry out, this time on her heart, and that’s when they discovered Phyllis had severe heart failure. The tests showed her heart was functioning at only a quarter of its normal strength. ​

 Within the space of only six months, Phyllis went from being an active, energetic person to being too fatigued to collect her mail or even speak on the telephone.

“I was so ill that I could hardly breathe. I had not one bit of strength in my body – I could barely walk to the toilet. For my family looking on, it was frightening.”

“The thing with heart failure is you may not have symptoms. I had no swelling and I had lost weight, which is why they thought I had a tumor.”
“For me, this was the case – we still don’t know why it happened,”
“I was close to death’s door and that’s because I’d not been aware of checking my heart. People need to be asking their doctors ‘please check my heart’,” she urges.

“You have to take care of your heart because it’s your most important organ.”

After nearly three years of rehabilitation, Phyllis now has well-being and feels like a different person. “It’s been a very slow process.” – Phyllis

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