A Real-Life Story of a PAD Patient

Angela Mullins suffers from peripheral arterial disease. She first noticed signs of PAD as a teenager while on vacation with her family. She experienced trouble walking, and the pain continued after the trip.

Doctors treated her for tendinitis and inflammation, but her condition did not improve. One night after wearing high heels, her feet developed ulcers that would not heal, and after several more doctors and treatments, her condition still worsened.

At age 21, Mullins was finally diagnosed with PAD and was told she had blockages behind both of her knees. She underwent bypass surgery on both legs which gave her some relief but did not eliminate the pain. Following her surgery, she returned to nursing school and became a practicing nurse.



In 2011, Mullins took an airplane trip to visit family, and when she returned, her left foot was purple. She again noticed ulcers and severe discoloration on her feet, as she had had before her surgery. “The pain was so unbearable, I could only sleep 30 minutes at a time before the pain woke me up,” explained Mullins. “I couldn’t work or spend time at my son’s school activities.”

Mullins learned that both of her legs were blocked and her left leg had no blood flow. She went through another round appointments and treatments, but nothing seemed to help. “I was told that the only way to save my life was to amputate both of my legs,” she said. “My family and I could not believe that amputation was the only answer, so in an effort to save my legs, I visited many doctors until I was referred to Cardiovascular Institute of the South in south Louisiana.”

After Dr. Craig Walker, Founder, President and Medical Director at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) performed a series of three laser treatments on her legs last fall, Mullins felt great and began walking two miles a day. She now can get around easily and does not experience any pain.

“I have gone back to work and can once again spend time with my son at school,” said Angela. “I can even do things that I could not do right after my bypass surgery. I feel like I have my life back!” – Cardio.Com


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