Can You Reverse Atherosclerosis


You can reverse your atherosclerosis if you really work hard on it.

There is a book about this topic by Dean Ornish, (The Spectrum) who studied some patients who have the worst cases of atherosclerosis. Most of them needed a heart transplant.

The good news is that some of these patients improved so much that they no longer needed a transplant. These are a few quotations from the book:

​“Our studies show that with significant lifestyle changes, blood flow to the heart and its ability to pump normally improve in less than a month, and the frequency of chest pains fell by 90% in that time.”

​“Within a year on our program, even severely blocked arteries in the heart became less blocked, and there was even more reversal after 5 years. That’s compared with other patients in our study, in which the heart just got worse and worse.”

The lifestyle changes are walking at least half an hour a day, and doing some yoga and meditation for stress reduction.

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