Coronary Artery Disease – A Suffocating Heart

“When you have heart disease, you start to be tired of everything. It’s like getting older. You become more white, and after that, grey. You have no feeling for anything.” – Gerard Depardieu

The most commonly reported incident preceding a heart attack is an emotionally upsetting event, particularly one that involves anger. Recent studies provide clear and convincing evidence that psychosocial factors contribute significantly to the development of coronary artery disease.
“Do you curse and blast the horn furiously if the driver in front of you takes three seconds to notice the green light? An angry temperament can hurt more than relationships — anger and heart disease may go hand in hand, according to experts.” – WebMed


Did You Know?

The reduction in mortality from coronary artery disease is the same if not better with lifestyle or dietary changes as it is with medications.

​Laughing relaxes and expands blood vessels, which helps protect the heart.

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