Risk Factors for Developing Atherosclerosis

There is so much talk out there about the risk factors of atherosclerosis, but NO one is actually 100% what is the main risk factor. It is really confusing to write about something so controversial, but I am going to use my psychic feelings to give you my opinion about the main risk factors.

1- Suppressed Anger – I would say, this is the number one risk factor for atherosclerosis.

2- Depressive Moods for a long time – I feel that any depressive mood  would affects your deep breathing causing your blood to be slightly more acidic than normal, and this can cause inflammations in the vessel walls.

3- Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction in Life – Well, this might not sound like a direct cause of atherosclerosis, but isn’t it a direct cause of eating comfort foods (full of fat), getting overweight, being lazy and lacking enthusiasm, smoking?


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