Lifestyle Changes after a Heart Attack


Karen, aged 59, first started experiencing chest pains in 2015. Her inspiring health turn-around is the result of a series of small but significant lifestyle changes.

After experiencing a heart attack, she had two stents inserted to open up her blocked arteries, and she spent five days recovering in hospital.

“I started making changes as soon as I got home. Now my husband and I don’t have gravy or sauce on anything. And we have fish three times a week, we’ve cut down on pork, we eats lots of vegetables and I’ve cut out salt as well, which I was heavy on.”
“I really look forward to my walk every morning. I can get between 20 and 40 minutes a day from Monday to Friday, as well as my weekend walk,” she says.
“It’s all just in little bites. That’s what I tell other people – even if you can just walk for 10 minutes twice a day, that’s 20 minutes of exercise straight away.”​

“I feel more energetic, all because of small changes that are not actually that difficult once you get started.”

“My doctor’s really pleased with me because my blood pressure and cholesterol are now really good and that’s all happened within months. Just small changes have made a huge difference.” – Karen


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