The Trouble With Alternative Medicine

The trouble with alternative medicine is that it most of it is not based on facts but rather on assumptions. Furthermore, there are so many different types of alternative medicine with different levels of effectivity. Some of them are very intriguing that mainstream medicine might consider adding them.

“At one extreme are found techniques such as yoga and massage, acknowledged by the most hard-line skeptics to have some benefit, if only to lower stress and anxiety. At the other are therapies that even many who applaud CAM’s newfound academic popularity call “woo-woo medicine” because of the sheer implausibility of their rationale.’ – US News

However, most of what we call alternative medicine is not going to be effective on you. Therefore, you really need to find the “right” alternative medicine for you if you want to improve your health. Mainstream medicine is usually just for managing your health conditions rather than for improving your health in general.

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