What is Alternative Medicine


A medical practice — like massage therapy, acupuncture or herbal medicine — is called “alternative” if it is based on untested, untraditional, or unscientific principles, methods, treatments, or knowledge.

“Some approaches like meditation, yoga, and massage therapy are known as “complementary medicine” because they “complement” traditional medical treatments. Together, complementary and alternative medicine have come to be called “CAM” for short.” – KidsHealth

Sometimes, doctors who uses alternative and complimentary medicine, in addition to mainstream medicine, like to call themselves holistic medicine practitioners.

“Holistic medicine practitioners believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health.” – WebMed


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