Emotional Stress, Breathing, and Happiness


For me, emotional stress can be measured by how deep your breath is throughout the day.

​Of course, I am talking about your unconscious breath, because you can always change the rhythm of your breath when you want, but whenever you are breathing without thinking about it, your breath rhythm would take a certain pattern – the shallower your breath and the more tense your abdominal and chest muscles are, the less happy you are or equivalently the more emotionally stressed you are.

Well, you don’t agree with me? Then, next time you feel a bit unhappy, notice your breath. Is it deep? Or do you feel that a big deep breath is really what your body needs?

The reason why you don’t breath deep enough when you are unhappy or emotionally upset, is that deep breathing enhances your emotions and your ability to feel – Just like when you are smelling a rose. So, in order for you to make your emotional pain less, you unconsciously start reducing the flow of your breath.

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