Emotions That Can Create a Hole in Your Body


Imagine you are trying to squeeze some toothpaste out of a tube but have forgotten to take off the lid. The toothpaste has to find some way out. If you squeeze the tube hard enough, the toothpaste would eventually force a hole in the weakest point of the tube, and flow out.

Imagine that your are the toothpaste and that you are accumulating emotional pressure. This can be suppressed anger, grief, anxiety, or even laughter. This is what I would call emotional stress. How often do you allow your body to express itself freely? Oftentimes, you keep the lid of your emotional baggage off, and eventually, after enough pressure is accumulated inside your body, the (emotional) toothpaste force a whole in the weakest point of your body.

The weakest point of your body might be your stomach which has been weakened by an acidic diet for a long time. It might be your back which has degenerated due to the wears and tears of your office work. It might be your blood vessels which has become “old” due to a high fat concentrations in your blood and a lack of vitamin C. It might be your immune system which has been weakened by sleepless nights. ​

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