Life’s Purpose?

What is this life about? What are we living for?

It is love, it is love, it is love!

This is what you and me are living for. Love and love alone.

We go through all what we go through in life so that we become more loving. 

It is easy to love when all is beautiful, when everything is fine, when everybody is good. 

Life is Not gonna be always good. 

To grow in love, you need to go on the hard track of love. You are already on the track of love, even if you don’t know it. Even if you cannot feel any love in your heart. 

The track of love has no end. You become more and more loving. 

Arrogance is a love killer. A feeling of superiority does NOT allow you to love. Pride hardens your heart.

You suffer in this life to become more loving.

You get a disease, to become more loving. 

You go through pain to become more loving.

You suffer hardship, starvation, loss, humiliation, and even death to become more loving.

It is easy to boost your pride when you are healthy. It gets harder when you are in pain. It gets impossible when you are in extreme pain. 

 That’s how life is pushing you to take off your robe of superiority, pride, and arrogance, and grow your loving nature by being exposed and vulnerable.

Healing is just the process of growing in love. You get cancer, and you heal, just to feel a new ability to love has materialized in your heart.

You grow in love to gain what is eternal. Your soul gains that eternal capacity to be loving. Your soul is eternal. 

 You never die when you die. You just move to a new existence, to a different reality, you wake up from a dream you call life on earth.

you doubt your spiritual nature. you doubt the existence of life after death. Ask life to show you the way. 

 You can doubt the existence of God, but you can never doubt the existence of life. Life is all around you and is always ready to answer you. You just need to have the courage to ask.


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