Emotions are Hormones


“A basic emotion such as fear can be described as an abstract feeling or as a tangible molecule of the hormone adrenaline,” writes Deepak Chopra in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. “Without the feeling there is no hormone; without the hormone there is no feeling. The revolution we call mind-body was based on this simple discovery: whenever thought goes, a chemical goes with it.”

The truth is that you are little more than a chemistry set. All your thoughts and feelings get translated into chemicals that fire off throughout your body, altering the chemical composition and behavior of your cells. Hence a sad feeling will influence the cells of your tear ducts and make them produce tears, or a scary feeling will give you goose bumps or make your hair stand on end.

​“We can no longer think of the emotions as having less validity than physical or material substance,” writes Candace Pert in Molecules of Emotions, “but instead must see them as cellular signals that are involved in the process of translating information into physical reality, literally transforming mind into matter.”

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