I am Feeling Lethargic… Why?


Back in 2008, I used to feel lethargic most of the day. I used to think about why my body has become so lethargic, but never considered my diet to be the main reason. Back then, I’d consider myself eating well enough as long as I get enough food to give me satiety. I used to eat one big meal at lunch time, mostly pizzas, and almost nothing in the morning and evening.

I went to a naturopath, just out of curiosity. I thought that I’ll ask her to give me a vitamin or other supplement recommendations in order to give me more power, energy, and vitality. I used to think my diet is good enough, so I just need some amazing supplements and I’ll be alright. It turned out that no amount of supplements can replace a healthy diet.

The first thing the naturopath told me, was that my diet is related to my vitality. That wasn’t really what I wanted to hear, and I remained skeptic for a long time. Today, I understand that there is a lot of truth in that statement.

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