5 Spiritual Questions

1- What is a human life?

Life on earth is a soul experience of living in a human form and going through hard times that pushes the soul to transform and grow in many spiritual aspects such as love, compassion, modesty, understanding, and patience.

2- What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the growing awareness that life has a bigger meaning and that death is not the end. 

3- What is Disease?

Disease is the biological process of life that gives you some physical and mental pain in order to push you to change your attitude. A change in your attitude implies an improvement in your soul.

4- What is Healing?

Healing is a transformation in your soul affecting your body and mind in a way that brings about a cessation to the biological processes causing your disease. 

5- What is the difference between Medicine and Healing?

Medicine is treating the physical body and hoping that the mind and soul will get better.Healing is treating the soul and hoping that the body and mind gets better.


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