Life After Death?

Unknown.jpegTo be honest, I have NO idea what will exactly happen when I die. But, I am still talking about it since I am sure of a few things that exists after death. 

First, I am sure that at a certain point after my death, I will look back at my life and feel very emotional, at first in a negative way but later in a positive happy way.

Second, I will exist in some form (or without a form) after my death, and I will be able to a certain extent to contact some of my loved ones who are still living on earth.

Third, I will go through a healing process that will grant me an adequate reconstruction of my soul, so that nothing of my present life traumas would stay stuck with me.

Fourth, I will always be keep to keep growing as a soul, and I might come back to earth as a human being or I might go to another dimension where it is adequate for me to learn and grow.

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