Coming to Earth, Your Soul Wanted to Grow

You and your soul are the same. But when you are on this earth, you live in a virtual reality that makes you see yourself as a body, and makes you forget everything about your soul. This is very important, because if you could remember what your soul planned to achieve, you would easily deceive yourself. What your soul wants to achieve is impossible to know fully, because then you would be deceiving yourself. Only when you figure out things yourself, you achieve the growth. Otherwise, it would be like pretending. The learning process is not as good when you already know the answer. 

Life is there to help us grow! Any change in attitudes is a sign of soul growth. As long as your attitude is the same, your soul has not achieved any growth. The change of the attitude is not a decision we can make using the mind. It is rather the maturity that the soul undergoes when faced with the agony of living with a negative attitude. Suffering is the key factor for growth on this earth. However, the achievement we make is eternal, and it is the only thing we can really own. Everything else will be transformed into ashes one day.


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