Past Life Regressions

  1. Among my spiritual experiences are past life regressions. I have helped people have past life regression hypnosis, and I have had myself several past life regressions where I could tell stories about what could possibly has happened to me in some recent and distant past lives.
  2. My understanding about past life regressions is NOT the common one. People usually argue that past life regressions are true or just a product of the client’s subconscious mind. For me, there is NO question about that. 
  3. I don’t think that everything I had in my past life regressions is something real that has concretely happened in the past. But I am not concerned about that. For me, a past life regression hypnosis is more about healing the person from what he or she has in his mind and project in a past life story. 
  4. I have seen spirit guides giving us important information about the client’s life purpose and they mostly direct the session by giving important pictures and thoughts, that might be from a past life, or might only be important metaphors to help the client’s understand his or her challenges. 
  5. Whether there is actually a past life or not, is NOT my concern. I believe that we exist in many different forms and ways that are beyond our human imaginations. I don’t need to know if I was once (or many times) on this earth before. I only know that I have and will exist in other places and other forms.

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