Meeting The First Clairvoyant

By the end of year 2006, something extraordinary happened to me – it was the first time I meet a “real” clairvoyant.

I was having dinner with some friends, when one of them called Ed stated talking about an amazing clairvoyant he’d met called Michelle Stanford. I was curious after hearing all the incredible things he was telling us; I took her phone number and contacted her to get my first ever psychic reading.

It was amazing. A first, Michelle started the reading by telling me about Karma and those new age philosophies. I wasn’t impressed. But then she started telling me about my personal life, and every time I ask her about anyone I knew, she seems to know as much about him/her as I do. At one point, I couldn’t help it but to ask her if she was reading my mind. She answered with a smile: “many people ask me that question”.

Today, 10 years later, I feel that I know exactly how she does psychic readings. I even give some of my clients psychic readings. But I’ve also noticed that it is better for me to present myself as a healer, and to give psychic readings as part of the healing I give (Not as an independent offer in itself).


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