The Human Perception Beyond The Five Senses

Lets examine a little bit how the human being perceives the world and processes what he/she is perceiving. It is true that we have five physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) but there is more to what we feel than just these five senses.

Our senses get filtered and processed by the brain, and then the brain reacts to it by activating the release of several chemicals into the body. These chemical are usually called neurotransmitters or hormones. These things would “color” our senses! The end effect is a mixture of senses and emotions – this is what we perceive.


It has long been believed that the heart is the center of love. You simply feel it when you fall in love that the center of your chest feels different. It feels warm, blissful and loving. As if you can feel the love through it.

There is a lot of traditional nonsense connected to the chakras – their colors, shapes, mantras, sounds, crystals, etc. Here, I am not interested in all of that since I don’t see it as true or having any practical value. 

What I am interested in is to explain to you the connection between the chakras and the emotions. In fact, this connection is simple – Your chakras are the places in your body through them you perceive emotions. 

Just like you perceive feelings of love, happiness, and sadness through a place in the center of your chest – that you might call your Heart Chakra – there are several other places where you perceive other types of emotions. 

You would also feel that your heart is aching when you get upset in love. Also, when you lose someone or something, you feel sad in your heart. As if the sadness is some material stuff lodging on your heart. 

We perceive emotions through our chakras. The heart chakra is especially affected by emotions of love and sadness while the solar plexus chakra is affected by emotions of anger and powerlessness. So, each chakra seems to be a center for special emotions.

Since chakras are where you feel emotions, it is just natural that you tend to close or constrict your chakras down when you are going through an emotionally rough time.

Just as you try to constrict your nose in order not to sense a bad smell, you also constrict your heart chakra when you get disappointed in love, you constrict your solar plexus chakra when you get defeated in a fight, you constrict your base chakra (by tensing your buttock muscles) when you are afraid, you constrict your throat chakra when you feel that you shouldn’t express your thoughts in a spontaneous and honest way.

Constricting a chakra isn’t a problem unless it becomes a chronic state. If you keep your heart chakra constricted, you won’t be able to feel loved, and you would be having trust issues, and so on. When a chakra stays constricted for a long time, it gets clogged with emotional debris. This creates tensions and eventually leads to specific health problems in the area of that chakra.

A chakra has always a certain level of activity – just like your sense of smell or taste or any other sense. Sometimes, a chakra is not so active and sometimes it is very active.

For example, when you are studying for a school exam, your heart chakra is usually very passive, but when you are looking at the one special person you love, and she is looking at you with love, your heart chakra is usually extremely active. 

Traditionally, there are 7 chakras, but I am not sure that I can feel 7 chakras.

I believe, it doesn’t matter. I don’t claim to know all the chakras. The thing about chakras is that you feel them but not always. Only when they are very active you can feel them. You can feel that there is a chakra in the center of your chest (we usually call it the heart chakra – but it is not on the center of the heart, it is just on the center of the chest). You can feel that there is a chakra in your tummy – probably several chakras there, but where exactly it is.

There are several chakras in the tummy, one of them might be more active than the others and it is the one you would feel as your solar plexus chakra. That’s why, sometimes you would feel that your solar plexus chakra is just above your navel, and other times you feel it is much higher or below your chest bone. Your throat chakra is usually at the base of your throat where you can press with your thumb and immediately you start coughing.

The third eye chakra is usually in the center of the forehead, a little bit higher than the eye brows, but it might vary with time; sometimes you might feel it a bit higher or lower. The Crown Chakra is certainly at the central top of your scalp. It seems to have a very fixed position there, and you would feel it like a piecing pressure on that point when your spiritual journey is highly active – when you are starting to understand and connect the dots regarding life’s purpose, the spirit world, and so on.


The third eye is a chakra which is usually active during your sleep hours and it where your dreams come from. It is what gives you imaginations, visions, and in extreme cases it gives you hallucinations. When your third eye chakra is very active, your sleep dreams become very vivid and you would easily remember them when you wake up. 

Keep in mind that your brain and nervous system are not only connected to your five senses, but also to the spirit world. This means that when some spiritual energies gets very active around you, it might indirectly affect the way you feel things through your chakras.

As an example, the spirit world might give you certain pictures or certain dreams at some stages of your life. Some clairvoyants might feel or see things that give them information about what they need to say while they do their work.

You don’t need to be clairvoyant to experience how the spirit world affects your perception. You only need to think about a time when you got some inspirations out of the blue, or when you just suddenly felt things in a different way – that’s when the spirit world is influencing your perception, in a positive way of course, depending on your spiritual needs at the time.

Most people use crystals, pendulums, light therapy, or some “ineffective” energy modalities to open, clear, or balance the chakras. These might give you a feeling of being refreshed and clear for a while (usually just a couple of days) but eventually you are bound to fall back into your old emotional negativities.

To be honest, there is only one way to clear a chakra – it is the cathartic emotional release using some vigorous emotional expression.

I give you this analogy: if you have got phlegm in your lungs, there is no way you can get it out by placing a crystal on your chest. The only way you can get the phlegm out of your lungs is (you know it) coughing! This has to be intense and you need to give it all your efforts in order to get some or all of the phlegm out of your logged lungs. The same thing applies to getting emotions out of a clogged chakra.

Vigorous emotional expressions such as crying, screaming, yelling or coughing are needed to clear your chakras.

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