The Truth About the Third Eye


So many people are trying to teach you how to open the third eye. What a mess! If they have really had any genuine experience of the third eye, they wouldn’t be doing that. 

Other people are trying to experience the third eye using hallucinogenic drugs or some form of crazy meditation which in my opinion is going to do them more harms than good.

Many people believe that the third eye is a way to have a higher consciousness or to see the 4th or 5th dimension as they call it. And many other people believe that opening the third eye is an important spiritual goal which is going to bring them a step further to enlightenment or total bliss and spiritual awareness.

In fact, the truth about the third eye is that it isn’t something you open, but rather it is there for you to be used when needed. This is very important to understand. There is no point in trying to open your third eye.

Even if you succeed (which is unlikely to happen), you are not actually going to gain anything other than getting to see some amazing pictures or even moving pictures inside your mind. From a spiritual perspective you are NO closer to any spiritual awareness after you have forced your third eye to open than before. 


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