✿ Zenna Healing II – Emotional Release

Zenna Healing II has a totally different and has a separate origin than Zenna Healing I. However, the two healing modalities work perfectly when they are used together. What I call Zenna Healing II now, has had many names over the years starting with “Catharsis” down to “ZennaE*”.


The origin of Zenna Healing II goes back to the time of Sigmund Freud when health professionals started to see the connection between emotions and some health problems. People at that time started using the term “Catharsis” for intense emotional release that results in healing of the mysterious symptoms that has no physical explanation

Primal Therapy

In the 60’s, a psychiatrist called Arthur Janov invented Primal Therapy which can be described as an original method of doing deep catharsis that clears all emotional issues including the “birth trauma”

Rebirthing Breathwork

Later on in the 70’s, Leonard Orr started a healing technique called Rebirthing-Breathwork. I would describe it as a simplified form of Primal Therapy with the concentration on correct breathing during a session.

Energy Movement

An Australian guy called Ron Urquhart learned Rebirthing-Brethwork and discovered how his “miserable life” became a blessing through that healing. He dedicated his life for improving it and eventually made his own version of Rebirthing-Brethwork that he called EM (or Energy Movement). Ron had too much ambitions to make EM become the mainstream healing of the 21st century. Eventually, he seemed to have got too excited to become a “guru” and concentrated too much on healing others than on healing himself. He got eventually so frustrated that he committed suicide.


Brian Cattermole learned EM from Ron Urquhart, but Brian also added a few of his own methods to the technique and stated calling it ZennaE*.

Zenna Healing II

I have learned ZennaE* in a ten-day workshop. It was the most important thing I have ever learned in this life. Over the years, I have come to refine this healing process (ZennaE*) through my experience in healing people and in healing myself. Now, I call it Zenna Healing II


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