My Life Story


My life story began when I noticed I am different. 

There was something clearly different about me. I still don’t know what.

All my life, I went through directions that others consider insane.

never felt regret about choosing what felt right to me.

often felt despair and loneliness.

I lived alone, travelled alone, and thought about everything alone.

I always listened to my inner voice.

Through my inner voice, I rejected traditions. I rejected religions. 

I rejected the existence of a God who is allowing all this suffering in the world.

I searched for the mystery of life through science, philosophy and logic.

I studied foreign languages and lived in distant countries. 

I lived a variety of lifestyles with different communities.

AND one day, I was counting my year number 30, and my life took a totally different direction into the unknown. 

That was the direction I’d never thought about before. 

and that’s what happened… It was the first time I asked life from the bottom of my heart to tell me the truth.

I asked life genuinely to tell me if there is anything after death.

I got the shocking answer 3 days later. 

Life answered me in the most unexpected and elegant way. 

At that day, my mind shifted from logic to intuition!

I still remember my feeling when I used to hear the sun saying “good night” to me, as it sinks down behind the horizon.

I still remember how the moon gives me answers to all my questions.

I’d never thought that anything like that could happen to me. 

But it happened, and I couldn’t delete it. I had to face it.

I faced the agony of leaving all my previous 30 years behind me, and starting a fresh new life.

I had to say goodbye to everything and everyone I knew. I didn’t know if I will ever see them again.

I had to follow my heart which was leading me insanely into a totally unknown future.

And eventually, I overcame my fears of the unknown. 

I managed to travel to the other end of the world without any guarantee of a safe or secure future.

I walked over mountains, crossed flowing rivers, and slept under the stars.

I didn’t know what was about to happen to me.

I trusted life. I waited for life to show me.

And here I was. I came across people who taught me how to contact the spirit world.

I contacted the spirit world days and nights, until I could feel it, hear it, and even see it.

Through that contact, I’ve found the meaning and purpose of my life.

And this is what I am sharing with you on my page.


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