Learn About Health


Even if you never want to become a health care professional, my advice to you is to learn as much as possible about your own body and about health in general. Sooner or later your health is going to suffer and you would be much better off if you can cooperate with your doctors. Gone are the days when you rely on your doctors to take care of you.

Old Paradigm: When you get sick, you go to the doctor who will prescribe a medication for your health problem.

New Paradigm: When you get sick, you cooperate with your doctor to find the source of your illness and change your lifestyle accordingly.

A heart patient once said: “My story is worth sharing because it illustrates how important it can be for a patient to become knowledgeable about an illness and get involved in her own treatment plan.” She goes on adding:”My own research about heart failure changed my life.” – Center For Health Journalism

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