Medical System Have Very Different Views Of Disease

Each system of medicine has its own unique perception of the cause of disease. Based upon this perception, each system sets about to develop a cure. 

Allopathic Medicine, also known as traditional Western Medicine, looks to pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.) as the cause of disease and based upon this model develops drugs to kill the pathogens.

Chiropractors look at the cause of disease as mis-alignments or abnormal function of the bones of the spine which creates an interference with nerve function. Thus, the cure is an adjustment or manipulation of the bones of the spine to correct the mis-alignment, opening the pathways for proper nerve function. 

Ayurveda teaches us that all disease begins when we are living out of harmony with our environment. 

Naturopath’s believe that if the body has the right supplies or materials it can heal itself of almost anything, therefore, the two causes to most disease are toxicity and deficiency.

To be honest, I see that all of these systems are right and wrong at the same time, just like the blinds who are describing an elephant – each one is right in his own perception, but then again, it is wrong because it is a very limited view.

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