The ONLY way to Heal Yourself

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Let’s say you have an overweight problem. Over the next 5 years of your life, you will come across dozens of people who present themselves as the world experts in weight loss. 

Let’s say you ended up choosing one of these, and you signed up for a 6 month weight-loss program. And you think, I paid the money. Job done. And now I’m going to lose weight. Right? NO. Wrong! You are actually in the worst position to lose weight because you are taking the responsibility for losing weight and you’ve giving it to someone else. And when you eventually fail to achieve what you want, they put the blame on them as well.

Healing is all about you. It is never about what kind of professional is helping you. If you want to heal yourself, you are the only one in this universe who is able to do it. You can’t just pay money and let someone else take the responsibility. The responsibility is all yours and no one can share it with you. 

There is no way you can spare yourself the effort of healing yourself. This effort is about thinking, searching, trying, failing, not giving up, slowly progressing, managing, until eventually you figure out more and more what works for you and what doesn’t. This is your responsibility. 

Just in the same way life gives YOU the problem, life is also asking YOU to make enough effort to solve it. This is the only way you can get healed. And this isn’t the whole story. The most beautiful thing in this story is that LIFE will grant you a solution once you have done enough.

Do you have a terminal health problem, do you have addiction problems, do you have relationship problems, I am telling you that the solution is out there. You just need to put the effort to find it, and to apply it properly. 

Trust Life

Zenna Healing 🙂

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