What is the Soul?

Well, this isn’t religion. This is spirituality. Religion is a belief system. Spirituality is a personal experience with the spirit world.

So, what is the soul? Your soul is you. It is that simple. It is not your body, and it is not your mind, it is just you. You had a totally different body (and a different mind) when you were a baby. But the witness inside has always been YOU. You are still the same soul when you were a child and right now, and you will stay the same witness when your body gets older and even when your body disintegrates and gets transformed into aches. 

So, that was easy to answer. 

But the real question is: How does a soul experience a human life?

Let me put it in a simple way. A human experience is about three things: sensing, thinking, and feeling. At any time during your human experience, you are either sensing, thinking, or feeling. That’s all what a human experience is about.

So, let’s talk about each one separately.

1- Sensing is about using the five senses. You touch, you smell, you taste and so on. 

2- Thinking is about using your mind. You have two states of mind: the logical state of mind and the emotional state of mind. You might also think about it as if we have two separate brains, the left brain which is rational and the right brain which is irrational.

3- Feeling is about using our feeling system, and this system is traditionally called the chakra system. As you might have heard, that the heart is the center of love. More precisely, the heart chakra is the part of your feeling system which is way more active when you are in love. 

With our chakras, we experience all sorts of emotions. Love, hate, jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, regret, and so on. 

Emotions are not sensations and they are not thinking. Certain sensations and certain ways of thinking can trigger emotions, but still emotions are clearly different from sensing or thinking. Emotions are feelings. 

You feel happy and you feel sad. It is not about thinking you are happy or sad, and it is not about what you see or touch, it really has got a separate feeling system which is commonly known as the chakra system.

At any one time, you can either sense, think, or feel. For example, if you have a headache, you can sense a dull pain somewhere in your head. At this moment, you are sensing. You can also switching to thinking about how much money you are making this week, and at this moment of thinking, you are not sensing your headache. You might even forget you have a headache in the first place only to sense it later and remind yourself that you still have got a headache. In other words, you have some control over when you switch your senses on and off, when you switch your mind on and off, and when you switch your feeling on and off. 

Physical pain belongs to the fives senses, mental pain or confusion belongs to thinking, and emotional pain belongs to the chakra system. 


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