How to Become a Healer?

About 10 years ago, I got interested in Zenna Healing in an effort to heal myself from several issues such as knee problems, depression, and digestive problems. I have learned Zenna healing I and II by Les Rolton, and Zenna Healing III and IV by Brian Cattermole. These days, I am teaching all these four courses in two concise courses Zenna Healing I (Spiritual Healing) and Zenna Healing II (Emotional Healing). In this manual, I am presenting all the information you need to learn Zenna Healing I.

Zenna Healing I is one of the simplest and most effective spiritual energy healing modalities to heal yourself and heal others. You can practically learn it in few days, and you can easily feel the energy even if you have never felt spiritual energies before. The only prerequisite is to have a pure intention. So, start with step one!

1- Do Your First Zenna Healing Session

Before you start, you need to decide how long you want your healing session to be. You can set your alarm clock to keep track of time. A normal healing session is 30 minutes. The minimum recommended time for a session is 10 minutes and the maximum is 60 minutes. The longer the healing session, the more relaxing and healing it would be.

ZennaHealing DIY_Fotor

First, lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable. Keep your hands wide open, relaxed, and preferably with your palms facing down. You can put your hands on your body or off your body as you prefer. Your hands are important because through them the spiritual healing energies radiate.

Second, say: “I invite my Zenna Spirit Healer to heal me. I promise to keep my body absolutely still for the next 30 minutes. I am ready!” You can be very specific about what you want to heal. For example you can ask to heal your injured finger, your depressive mood, or your headache.

Third, relax your body parts as much as possible and try to notice any unusual sensations like a magnetic field, tingling, a warmth wave, a change in your mental state, or slowly moving colors appearing in front of your eyes. These are signs of the spiritual energies working on you. The spirit world gives you a subtle energy which has just enough intensity to be felt, so that it won’t shock you or scare you off. If you want a stronger energy, you can ask for it.

Once the 30 minutes are over, you can slowly get up and continue your daily life. You might notice the healing effect immediately after the session, or you might not notice it until later in your life. In any case, you are getting a very beneficial long term effect.

2- Understand The Spirit World

Zenna Healing is a spiritual healing modality which is based on the idea that the spirit world is ready to help you heal your life on many different levels. But what is exactly the spirit world?

I have come to that understanding through my own experience and NOT through reading or hearing about it.


About 10 years ago, I had my first tangible experience with the spirit world when I experienced Zenna Healing for the first time. I remember Les Rolton who later became my teacher asking me to give him permission to invite his Zenna Spirit Healer to heal me. My first thought was “omg” a spirit is gonna enter my body now? seriously? And that’s what really happened, and I felt it like a deep relaxation wave that entered my whole body and it was so intense that it put me immediately into a trance-like state. It was for me a reassurance that the spirit world DO exist.

After that day, I had many other spiritual experiences such as seeing spirits, feeling spirits around me, and getting visited by spirits in my dreams. Eventually, those experiences became less frequent, I guess because I’d already learned enough about the spirit world.

Today, I understand that I am from the spirit world, that I am supposed to learn through my life on earth, and that I will go back to the spirit world my this life-time is over.

The spirit world is the non-physical part of us. It is also what remains of us when the physical body stops to function. All your deceased relatives are in the spirit world watching over you.

The spirit world is loving and always wanting to help you even if you are not aware of it. There is absolutely nothing evil in the spirit world. Evil emotions and other types of negativities (anger, envy, hatred, etc.) only exist in us when we are experiencing a life as human beings.

Negative emotions are created as a direct consequence of the nature of the struggle in a life on earth; we need to eat, drink, sleep, fight, and flight. In the spirit world, we don’t have any of these physical needs, and therefore all the negative emotions do not exist.

The spirit world is communicating with you whether you are aware of it or not. Your spirit guides give you insightful intuitive ideas during your daily life, and sometimes they give you insightful dreams when you need some guidance in your life.

A lot of your life is planned and directed by the spirit world. They arrange some incredible coincidences for you to learn from. All what they do with your life is for your own soul learning and progress.

3- Get To Know Your Zenna Spirit Healer

Your “Zenna Spirit Healer” is someone in the spirit world whose job is to work for you in healing. He (or she) were assigned to you (by the spirit world) based on your energy similarities, and he is supposed to be most effective when working with you. To know more about your Zenna spirit healer, ask him to show up in your dreams.

You can theoretically invite anyone from the spirit world to heal you. For your emotional issues, it is very helpful to invite one of your deceased loved ones to heal you on the emotional level. They would normally have a completely different energy than your Zenna Spirit Healer and you would normally feel a lot of love in their energies because of your soul bond.

If you have certain religious beliefs that are in contradiction with the idea of inviting a spirit healer, you can invite any religious figure that you believe in like the Holy Spirit,  Jesus, your Gardian Angels, or God. It is basically the same energy (I call “the spirit world”) that represents all these religious figures. The spirit world is connected and works as a unit.

One interesting feature of Zenna Healing is that you can invite any number of spirits to work simultaneously on different areas of your body. For example, I sometimes invite my spirit healer to heal my knee, my deceased father to heal my heart and give me some of his love, and a third spirit to calm down my mind and drive me into a peaceful sleeping state.

4- Give Zenna Healing Sessions to Others

Just as you give yourself a Zenna Healing session by inviting your spirit healer, you can give others a healing session by placing your hands on their body. But make sure that they really want this healing.

First, ask the patient to sit still or to lie down somewhere comfortable. Then, you ask for permission to lay down your hands on the part of the body that needs healing.

Second, invite your Zenna Spirit Healer to heal what your patient is asking you to heal.

Third, notice how you’re feeling during the healing session. Your spirit healer is most likely giving you feelings and sensations that are related to your patient’s condition.

During such a healing session, try to be as sensitive as possible, and tell your patient what you are feeling. You might be surprised that your patient is feeling the same or that he can make a lot of sense of what you are saying – directly or indirectly.

5- Heal Yourself

Taking care of your own health is 50% of becoming a healer. Many healers (including me) start their healing journey when they heal themselves from a serious disease after all traditional cures have failed. And remember that if you are unable to take care of your own health, then you are definitely unable to take care of other’s.

You will need to take a while to practice healing yourself before healing others. Start by doing Zenna healing on yourself on a regular basis. Over time, your soul will become purer and purer as you gradually to let go of all your grudges, resentments, and depressive emotions. Even a tiny amount of hatred in your system wouldn’t allow you to be able to use your full healing potential.

Letting go of your negative emotions is a gradual process that usually takes several years. It took me about seven years to let go of all my emotional baggage, and it was well worth it.

If you need help in clearing your emotional baggage, contact me to book an emotional release healing session or sign up for the healing workshop Zenna Healing II. This would accelerate your spiritual purification process enormously, and it would also make it less arduous. For more information visit my website

6- Find The Right Therapy

Any energy healing should be combined with the right therapy to be effective for healing physical health problems. You shouldn’t rely solely on Zenna Healing to heal yourself.

For example, if your diet is deficient in vitamin C, then no amount of Zenna Healing (or any other form of energy healing) is going to heal you until you improve your diet or start taking some vitamin C supplements. If your back is aching because of your sedentary lifestyle, you need to do the right daily activities for your back. If you have got diabetes, you need to adopt a whole food diet.

Fortunately, using Zenna Healing in addition to the right therapy would make your healing process much faster and more fun.

7- Become a Professional Healer

Some basic understanding of the human body is important for anyone who wants to work in helping people heal. Give yourself plenty of time to learn the basics of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. You will need to understand what your patients are talking about when they describe their health issues.

It is also recommended that you learn the basics of nutritional health and to practice these nutrition principles on yourself first so that you get a feeling of how your diet influences your health and your energy in general.

Once you feel ready, you will need to put yourself out there as a healer, and keep these two rules in mind:

1- Healing has to come from the person himself. There is no amount of outside energies that can heal someone who is not willing to heal.

2- To be a healer, you need to be modest, and modest, and modest. There seems to be no amount of modesty enough for a healer. Any sign of arrogance in the heart of a healer can drag him/her out of the healing profession for several years. So, be respectful, be modest.


2 thoughts on “How to Become a Healer?

  1. Thanks for asking Key.

    The main difference between Zenna Healing and Reiki is that Reiki needs attunment, and costs a lot of money. Zenna Healing doesn’t need attunement, and it is available for free.

    But the technical difference is that Reiki is channeling energy through a human being while Zenna Healing is the channeling of the same energy though an unseen spirit who is also a reiki master living on the other side.


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