My First Contact With The Spirit World

About 10 years ago, I had my first tangible experience with the spirit world when I experienced Zenna Healing for the first time. I remember Les Rolton who later became my teacher asking me to give him permission to invite his Zenna Spirit Healer to heal me. My first thought was “omg” a spirit is gonna enter my body now? seriously? And that’s what really happened, and I felt it like a deep relaxation wave that entered my whole body and it was so intense that it put me immediately into a trance-like state. It was for me a reassurance that the spirit world DO exist.

After that day, I had many other spiritual experiences such as seeing spirits, feeling spirits around me, and getting visited by spirits in my dreams. Eventually, those experiences became less frequent, I guess because I’d already learned enough about the spirit world.

Today, I understand that I am from the spirit world, that I am supposed to learn through my life on earth, and that I will go back to the spirit world my this life-time is over. 

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