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1. Choose the right type of pendulum.

Technically, a pendulum can be any weighted object that is attached to a cord or string and can freely swing in all directions when held from a fixed point. But for examining energy flow through chakras, I highly recommend a conical-shaped pendulum made of beech wood. Choose wood, rather than metal, stone, or crystal, because it is safer. Crystal pendulums can actually cut a chakra, and you really don’t want that!

2. Let the pendulum absorb your energy.

When you receive your pendulum, keep it close to you, preferably on your person, for several days before using it. Carry it around in your pocket during the day and sleep near it at night, and feel free to handle it if you’d like.

3. Test your pendulum before reading chakras.

Before you attempt to use your pendulum to check chakras, try a test run. Hold the cord and let the pendulum hang down, keeping your arm and hand still. Ask a question to which you know the answer is “yes.” Watch for which way the pendulum moves—this is your pendulum’s signal for yes. Repeat the process with a question to which you know the answer is “no.” This test run will give you a baseline for yes and no responses that you can then use to ask questions that you do not consciously know the answer to, but your unconscious does. It’s like a magic eight ball that’s tuned in to a deeper part of you, and will make the results of your chakra test stronger.

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