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Sound therapy consists of listening to therapeutic, soothing sounds, which again is known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Many doctors recommend acute depression patients to listen to such music for at least two hours a day to a total of 100 hours. Apart from these specially created sounds,you can easily utilize the sounds from nature that are known to soothe.Sounds of the ocean, rustling of leaves, chirping of birds and listening to mantras are known to benefit. It has been proved that meditating on the sound of ‘Om’ can have a calming effect on nerves, muscles, blood circulation and brain. Tina Sengupta, who listens to the Gayatri Mantra daily, believes that doing so has made her calmer. “Listening to mantras and soothing music has quietened me. Earlier even a small squabble would bother me but after a few months of this practice I feel a lot more centred.”

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